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Nineteen months have passed since this 'about' section was last updated and it's entirely possible many more with pass before it changes again, so take all of this with a grain of salt, please.

Caroline is tired of writing 'about' sections that consist entirely of sentences starting with 'I' thus, is writing this one in the third person. Yes, it's obnoxious. Caroline doesn't mind being obnoxious sometimes, and feels the third person gives this biography an air objectivity (eh?).

Caroline was born on April 23, 1982, making her 21 as of July 2003, when this was written. She has three sisters (older, twin, younger), a brother (younger) and a dog named Brady. She grew up mostly in Massachusettes, is currently majoring in English at a university in Philadelphia, likes to write, and hopes, vaguely, to be gainfully employed and living in a city like New York a year from now. (She's not sure this will actually happen, but encourages you to send job offers her way.)

This beginings of site came sometime in the summer of 2000, the domain was registered in Oct. 2000, and this whole mess has gone through a number of variations and designs. Caroline would rather you didn't call it a "blog" or a "weblog" but thought of it instead as maybe a "personal site." It serves mostly, as a place to write where others might read it, thus encouraging more writing.

And yes: the fish is back. Caroline missed him after two years.