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current I am a 23 year old single college student from St. Louis, Missouri. I work in a pharmacy for a large retail chain. (Can you guess which one? If you really want to know, feel free to e-mail me, but I don't want to advertise it.) I have a cat named Frio and she is the best cat that has ever lived, period.

past Born and raised in a suburb just outside St. Louis, I have lived here most of my life. I have my two parents (of course) and two sisters, one older and one younger. I have one nephew and one niece.

I graduated highschool in May 2003 and it didn't come a day too soon.

I lived in Braunschweig, Germany for a total of nine months in 2003-2004. While staying in Germany, where I visited many cities, I also went to London and Prague. London has been my favorite city so far. I've also been to Mexico (2003).

future After many years of BSing college, I think I have finally figured out what I want to do. Part of me has always wanted to be a teacher, and I decided that is the right thing for me to do. In the fall of 2008, I will hopefully be enrolling in an elementary education program. My dream job would be to teach English to children who do not yet speak it. I also want to live in a warm climate near the beach. Florida just so happens to have a teacher shortage, so this is an amazing match.