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book project

* In late 2007, I decided that I wanted to read more books. Specifically, I decided that I needed to have a certain number goal for the year 2008. I decided that I should read 24 books this year. That is about a book every two weeks. I am not really worried about exaclty two books a month because I can read more in the summer and when I don't have any papers or tests for school.

* I also decided as a "sub-goal" that I would like to read from several different genres, in both fiction and non-fiction.

* Another sub-goal is to keep a book journal. The purpose of the book journal is to get myself to think more about what I am reading and also to help me remember in the future what I have read. I bought a nice journal for this purpose. I want to write at least three entires per book. I have some basic guidelines (or whatever you call them) for the three main entries. They are:

1. Write the date you are starting the book. Before starting the book, write what you think the book is about, how you think you will feel about it, where you heard about it/who recommended it and why.

2. After reading half the book, write how you feel about what you have read thus far. What do you think will happen? What do you want to happen? Is the book what you thought it would be? While reading, does this book change your mood?

3. Write the date you finished the book. After finishing the book, write how you feel about the ending. Were you right in your predictions? Do you wish it would have ended differently? Would you recommend it? Why or why not? Did the book change your ideas, beliefs, or outlook on anything?

* I will take pictures of the books that I am reading and (hand written) journal entries from time to time.

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